As the teacher for two of the three Art Field Trips classes offered by Howard Community College here in Maryland, I’ve had the privilege of accompanying many wonderful people to museums in the Washington/ Baltimore area every Friday of the academic year for the last 21 years. I’ve learned so much from the numerous exhibitions we’ve seen and I’ve made many dear friends.

When all colleges closed due to the covid19 pandemic, I began a series of 6 Zoom lectures for my classes. What I had thought would be a casual review of already existing slide shows with just a few people in attendance turned out to be full blown art history lectures with incredible participation.

Once the semester was over, due to popular demand, I decided to continue over the summer.  The lectures on this page were offered to a live audience every Friday morning through the end of July.  It was a nice way to stay connected and learn a lot in the process.

All lectures were recorded and continue to be available to anyone who would like to register.  The lectures focus on special topics as opposed to an overview of art historical periods. All lectures are visually rich and intellectually stimulating, and viewers leave with a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the art discussed.

Finally, there is a discussion page on the website so anyone is welcome to make comments and pose questions, and I will try to respond in a timely manner.



Free Lecture, delivered on Jan. 8, 2021- still available for viewing

Vedute e Capricci di Venezia:  View Painting and the Capriccio in 18th Century Venice

In anticipation of the exciting virtual tours of Venice with Luisella Romeo about to begin on Jan. 15, this lecture will introduce you to the magical city on the water through paintings by some of its greatest artists: Luca Carlevarjis, Marco Ricci, Canalletto, Michele Marieschi, Bernardo Bellotto.  (If you would like to be on the mailing list for future lectures and events, please fill out the form on the contact page.)

Lectures given from May 29-July 31. Register to watch the recordings!

Even though this lecture series has already finished in real time, the recordings are still available.  You can register for the entire series or for one or more individual lectures.  The cost per lecture is $10 and the price for the series is $75.

This lecture, Standards of Excellence: Dutch Genre Painting in the Golden Age, is free.



Baroque Sculpture and Architecture in Italy: Bernini, Borromini and Algardi in Counter Reformation Rome


Artist on the Run: Caravaggio in Malta, Sicily and Naples


Vermeer and his Contemporaries:  Genre Painting in the Dutch Golden Age


Looking at Ourselves:  The Many Faces of Portraiture in the 15th through the 17th Centuries


Rembrandt: Master of Light


Dutch Still Life of the Golden Age


Looking at Ourselves:  The Many Faces of Portraiture, Part II


Dutch Still Life of the Golden Age, Part II


Diego Velasquez:  Las Meninas and Other Paintings at the Spanish Court


Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres: Rebirth of Raphael in the 19th Century