Queen Esther before the King


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“Queen Esther and the King” focuses on the moment that Esther, the newest wife of King Ahaseurus (Xerxes I) is about to tell her husband about the evil Haman’s plot to kill all the Jews in Persia. She has risked her life by requesting this audience with the king, and her anxiety is apparent in her body language. Her determined expression and direct gaze, however, reveal her deep seated faith that God will save her people.


“Women of the Old Testament” series:

This is a series of three paintings of strong and courageous women from the Jewish Bible, otherwise known as the Old Testament. While each woman has a special place in the history and religion of the Jewish people, they also represent principles important to Christianity. The story of Queen Esther portrays Faith, Hannah embodies Hope, and Ruth and Naomi exemplify the concept of Charity.


Giclee on canvas mounted on sintra; giclee on acid-free watercolor paper; giclee on archival matte paper

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Giclee on canvas, Giclee on matte paper


Full size (22"x25"), Half size (11"x12.5"), Small size (10"x11.42")


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