Ruth and Naomi


Giclee on canvas mounted on sintra; giclee on acid-free watercolor paper

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“Ruth and Naomi” is the touching story of selfless love between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law. Naomi, an Israelite woman, leaves her home in Bethlehem due to famine and, along with her husband and two sons, comes to the land of Moab. Her sons marry and soon her husband and both sons die. Now alone in the world except for her daughters-in-law, she tells them to return to their families where they will be taken care of and remarry rather than remain with her where only hardship awaits them. Orpah returns to her family but Ruth utters the famous quote, “Whither thou goest I go, thy people are my people, thy god is my god.” Together they return to Bethlehem where Ruth gleans in the field of a kind and wealthy man named Boaz, a kinsman of Naomi’s late husband. Eventually Boaz marries Ruth, and she becomes the great-grandmother of King David.

This subject was the inspiration for the “Women of the Old Testament” series and the first one executed. This is a beautiful story of the devotion these two women had for each other. I chose the heartfelt moment when each woman expresses her love and willingness to sacrifice for the other.


“Women of the Old Testament” series:

This is a series of three paintings of strong and courageous women from the Jewish Bible, otherwise known as the Old Testament. While each woman has a special place in the history and religion of the Jewish people, they also represent principles important to Christianity. The story of Queen Esther portrays Faith, Hannah embodies Hope, and Ruth and Naomi exemplify the concept of Charity.


Giclee on canvas mounted on sintra; giclee on acid-free watercolor paper

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Giclee on canvas, Giclee on matte paper


Full size (24"x30"), Half size (12"x15"), Small size (9.6"x 12")


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